Flow of opening the Ryokan and Guesthouses

STEP.1  Setting up a Business Plan

Draw up a rough sketch business plan. Determine a budget set, set up a target figure for income and expenditure, and then produce a rough estimation for capital investment as well as searching for property.

The initial planning is crucial whether you rent or purchase a property, and whether you get a loan from a banking institution or finance yourself.  

STEP.2  Searching Property

The surrounding environment, the location as well as the building layout are very essential in doing a business. We conduct fine researches and perform simulations since properties are directly connected to rents as well as payments. We look for properties that will fit the image according to the suitable type of business and business conditions.

We can look for properties either for purchase or for rent.  

STEP.3  Construction Planning

The layout as well as the interior and exterior outlook of a store are as important as the services it provides. We will work out a firm plan and create a space that will provide a high degree of customer satisfaction. Let’s welcome your customers in a space full of your thoughts and feelings.

Our company’s finest architect as well as building designers will provide you with suggestions and ideas.  

STEP.4  Procedures with Public Institutions

Once a property has been decided, it is necessary to go through the procedures with the public institution depending on the type of business. (Application for Building Certification, Building Use Change, Hotel Business Permit, Restaurant Business Permit, Fire Services Act and Conformity Notice, Barrier-Free Regulations, etc.)  

The necessary procedures may vary depending on the type of business as well as the locations, and since the application system will also be different for each one, this could be quite a daunting task to do.

 That is why our company will act as an agent and carry out the application duties for the legal procedures.  

STEP.5  Starting Construction Work

After the procedures with the public institution are finished, the construction work will then begin. Our company is different from a residential architect, where such a case as “business permit is not granted even though the construction is done” is likely to happen when relying on an engineering firm or a general contractor without much experience. Budget is certainly important, but it would be best to rely on a construction contractor who has proper knowledge and experience. Our company has done many construction works for various kinds of business establishments, including privately managed guesthouses as well as long-established Japanese-style hotels in Kyoto, therefore you can entrust this work to us. 

STEP.6  Promotional Plan

Prior to opening, all of the necessary promotional plan and the making of promotional materials in order to enhance the appeal of the establishment, such as print out materials, homepage making as well as putting up a reservation site are carried out during the construction work period. We will also come up with a promotional tools according to the type of business, such as messages directed to customers as well as the necessary tools for attracting customers. 

You can entrust the construction of homepage creation and the reservation site to our company as well. 

STEP.7  Purchasing Equipment

We will supply equipment for interior, electrical appliances, linen products such as bed sheets and towels,

tableware and other necessary furnishings.  Let’s think and make sure to adjust the budget for the necessary materials and things that are going to be added later on.

 The atmosphere of a space will surely change depending on the furnishing style, therefore let’s utilize the equipment and choose those that complement well to the space.  We will also propose ideas and suggestions.  

STEP.8  Starting Business Management and Follow-Up

When construction work is completed and the procedures with the public institution are finished, that is when a business truly starts. Let’s do our best to meet the smiles of many customers.  Our company conducts proper follow-ups, even after your business has started. Therefore, should you have anything that concerns you, please contact us.  ※Relating to guesthouse, our company also provides guesthouse rental plan. Please feel free to contact us.  

Operation Agent

Shiki Properties - http://www.shikiproperties.com/

 They have the prime manuals for service and training of employees. Their quality of facility cleaning and care of neighborhood are also reliable. Shiki Properties is our highly recommended agency.


Requirements for people from overseas who wish to purchase a real estate in Japan.


 1. Selecting Real Estate Company


 2. Searching for Property


 3. Confirmation of Expenses  

  •    Property Price  
  •    Revenue Stamp Fee  
  •    Real Estate Acquisition Tax
  •    Fixed Assets Tax  
  •    Registration and License Tax  
  •    Real Estate Brokerage ommission (3% from the property price + 60,000 yen + consumption tax)    
  •    Fire Insurance  

     ※In the case of building tenants, additional administrative expenses, etc.


4. Necessary documents  

  •  Authentication documents such as Affidavit (name, address, date of birth, gender)

     ※Depending on each country, these documents can be issued at the related Embassy.  

  •   Identification papers such as Passport.
  •   Since affixing a seal is required in a sales contract in Japan, if possible let’s prepare and make your own seal beforehand.  

The process flow until making a purchase

 1. Come to Japan and make a preliminary inspection of property.

 2. Submitting Purchase Certificate.

 3. Concluding the sales contract. (A deposit of approximately 10% of the sales price is often required)

 4. Preparation of purchase funds such as overseas remittance.

 5. Settlement of payment, registration, and changing names. 

Important points

 1. Payment method of the sales price.

 2. How to receive the real estate deed.

 3. Establishing tax payment administrator.

 4. In the case of the trade business, it is required to do a final income tax return. 

For those who are thinking of opening a hotel, a guesthouse, or a restaurant in Kyoto, please contact us.